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Today, one-wheel belt you know China unicycle level: according to the Chinese cycling association unicycle committee of China unicycle technology standard grade, unicycle movement technical standard is divided into ten levels: level 1 is lowest, 10 as the highest level.One-wheel China say first before five today.

Level 1

Without any auxiliary material, in situ independent car;

Get in the car after the independent ride above 50 meters;

From in situ machine-cleaned pulled gradually transition to the car;

The cycling of independence can forward, backward to get off the car;

Independent cycling can turn left to right in turn.

One-wheel Chinese level, I think it is the most basic level, through a persistent practice, can easily achieve.

The secondary

To be independent in his left foot or right foot got in;

Get on the bus ride in the cart to;

For 30 cm in width of line ride 10 meters;

Riding a is not more than three meters "8" words;

Around 10 meters diameter circle cycling;

And can be free to the left, right all round;

In the one-meter diameter circle, to the left and right turn 90 degrees;

Able to complete site obstacles cycling;

Can one foot ride 10 meters;

Straight line ride 100 meters, the result within 30 seconds;

Be familiar with the regulations of the unicycle racing game.

Level 3

Mastering the five different get in the car (including playing on);

Riding a not more than 1.5 meters of "8" words;

To perform an abrupt stop, pedal backwards orbits;

One foot for 30 meters;

Within 1 meter circle to the left, to the right 180 degrees;

Ride the more obstacles;

Machine-cleaned pulled on one foot.

Your feet go round 5 meters;

Within 100 metres in 25 seconds.

Level 4

Master 6 different kinds of car;

Ride 10 meters;

Seat front and rear ride 10 meters;

Within 1 meter circle to the left and right turn 360 degrees;

The ground sliding 9 meters;

A leg up - 90 degrees, one foot machine-cleaned pulled 15 times;

To be able to ride around on one foot "8" words;

Your feet go round 10 meters;

The 100 m and speed within 23 seconds,

Complete primary personal skills competition of voluntary;

Be familiar with the technique rules of the game.

Could you start to think unicycle is difficult, but one-wheel China firmly believe that do anything, there is a gradual process.


To be able to show seven different way of get in the car;

Ride in a circle;

Front, rear and side rear seat riding in a circle;

Jump to the left, right and spin 90 degrees;

On wheel jumping five times;

The ground sliding 10 meters;

The ultimate wheel bike 3 meters;

Not less than 1.3 meters high car auxiliary getting on or off;

And can ride forward 10 meters;

Complete primary grand competition;

One foot walk round 10 meters;

One foot ride 10 meters directly change another one foot ride 10 meters;

Before the seat drag, drag ride after 10 meters;

The provisions of the complete primary personal skills competition.

One-wheel China thinks, no matter what level, is in the length of time you practice problems and do you have enough patience and determination, as long as you are willing, nothing short of,  believe yourself!

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