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Home News Ride a unicycle to protect yourself from the heat

Ride a unicycle to protect yourself from the heat

One of my friends recently caught fire.

I believe that there are many brothers and sisters have a deep understanding of this, the weather is so poisonous these days that they don't even want to go out for a second. Our school can even think of it as an "umbrella drop". It's like an oven outside. First of all, I would like to express my respect to those who are still working hard in the hot sun. Please pay attention to preventing the summer heat on such a hot day.

Just yesterday, someone in our club suffered from heat stroke. Although I appreciate his perseverance in practicing his unicycle without fear of exposure to the sun, my brother, everything has to have a degree!

Yesterday he fell really scare me, it's in front of me, we are all advised him to say that he came to rest under the first, he doesn't hear left a circle, but is this a circle scared all of us.

Fortunately, the fairy had learned a little from the Red Cross and knew how to deal with emergency treatment after heatstroke, otherwise the consequences would be unthinkable.

Usually we say the person should have perseverance, can't give up, but I want to say is perseverance also will divide the occasion and time performance, even in the strong practice unicycle also cook in the hot sun soon. We've been education for the better part of an hour, and he's afraid. But fortunately, the President said it! No more practicing wheelbarrows during the day, which means you can be lazy.

We have always understood even if just stood in the hot sun, also will be very uncomfortable, let alone sunburn and heat stroke, but must have a lot of people disregard their own safety, here I would like to see people can learn from this article, don't like the stupid boy riding a unicycle.

As for what to do after heat stroke, here this fairy will give you a general knowledge.

The first thing to do is to quickly move the patient to a cool place, unbutton his collar, keep him breathing, and give him air.

Then give him water (preferably salt and sugar), and ice compress's forehead, neck and armpits.

Then apply cool oil to his forehead and temporal area. If the patient is unconscious, he can put his hand on the hole in his middle to make him awake.

Finally, if the patient has a high fever or spasm, he/she should be sent to the doctor as soon as possible while actively carrying out the above treatment.