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Home SPARE PARTS Frames 20" Kris Holm Unicycle Frame

20" Kris Holm Unicycle Frame

  • Product code: 626
  • Brand: Kris Holm
  • Weight: 0.572 Kg.
Price: 1000 ¥ IN STOCK


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Product Description

KH frames balance the competing requirements of strength, weight, and stiffness, refined through years of evolution and testing by trials, muni, distance World Champions and backcountry adventurers.

Made from 7005 aluminum, the one-piece forged fork crown and neck incorporates the best characteristics of both flat top and rounded designs, with a stable platform and rounded corners to avoid bashed knees. Different tube diameters and sidewall thicknesses are used in different parts of the frame to optimize strength-weight ratio.

The seatpost tube is closed at the bottom to prevent entry of mud. The fork blades are ovalized and stiff in both lateral and twisting directions - important for avoiding rim brake rub.


Manufactured using 7005 T6 Aluminium featuring a one-piece forged fork crown and neck providing high strength-weight ratio and resistance to flex.
The Signature Rounded Square Crown curves the fork blades inwards at the top to achieve the best qualities of both fully square and fully round crown frames. This results in a narrow profile that won't bash your knees while providing sufficient tire clearance and a stable platform for tricks.
All welds are individually inspected at the factory, and every frame is checked in a test jig for proper alignment following welding and heat treatment.

Forged machined bearing holders ensure consistent press-fit of the bearings and improved durability. The asymmetrical external shape is optimized for KH Spirit, KH Moment and KH/Schlumpf hubs, and kept as narrow as possible to ensure room for your feet during flatland tricks (e.g. crank rolls). Hex bolts tighten from the bottom for easy access.
The seatpost tube fits a 27.2 mm diameter post, ensuring good resistance to twisting.

Weight: 572g
Horizontal Crown Width: 93mm
Seatpost Neck Length: 200mm
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