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Home News Heze boy rides a wheelbarrow to chug "jianghu"

Heze boy rides a wheelbarrow to chug "jianghu"

A few days ago, the reporter walked into the hometown of wang's hometown -- the town of danyi town, and interviewed the famous "acrobats".When he saw wang, he was packing, and the next day he was leaving for nanjing for a commercial performance there.Wang Ling told reporters that since last year, his unicycle excelled in qilu TV after the good fortune to popular, not only on the CCTV's big stage, performances and invited him, his schedule is now ranked in April.13 years old, original "rivers and lakes"Wang, 26, has been studying acrobatics for 13 years.He was born in an ordinary peasant family, as brothers and sisters at home more, parents' burden, born in a poor family, he heard that performing acrobatics can make money, at the age of 13, they worshiped in the next village, a master acrobatics. Zhao door learning unicycle.The seemingly simple bicycle, however, led wang to suffer a lot.Sprained ankle and inner thigh are often caused by wheel wear.Because he is not a professional training school, he has no contact with the skills required to do acrobatics, he has no contact with him at all, he just keeps twisting his body every day to practice on the wheelbarrow.He was not afraid to endure hardships, and was diligent and eager to learn. He was soon recommended to a friend's amateur acrobatic troupe in anhui by Mr. Zhao, and began his acting career."Remember that it was 2003, not only to follow the acrobats around every day, but also to get paid and bullied by old players."Wang Ling said acrobatic troupe was a total of six people, besides performance, eat, live, line in an old truck, coupled with the performance of the props, the whole car packed, "at that time, I have a dream, is to the formal stage to perform".To be cheated into a pyramid scheme.Half a year later, the acrobatic troupe was not well developed, the boss laid off the staff, and the king took the initiative and offered to go home.When he returned home, wang led and studied with zhao.Zhao didn't have the heart to be wasted on such a good seedling, and recommended him to a acrobatic troupe in wenzhou, zhejiang province.Due to the lack of professional training, wang's unicycle performance was not very important and the monthly income was pitifully low. However, wang led back to his home.In the days that followed, he followed more than a dozen acrobatics."I was wondering why I wasn't being taken seriously, because I had a problem with my show or performance."With that in mind, he began to visit the masters."During the period of learning, it is perfectly normal to make tea with water, to massage and to wash clothes.""Wang told reporters.Over the next few years, he not only made up the basic skills of acrobatics, such as somersault, crotch, etc., but also learned to climb the pole, the top plate, the flying man and so on.During the period, in order to be able to make more money for the family, wang has been cheated by a friend into a pyramid selling organization.He was put into a small black house for not paying 3,000 yuan.Later, he escaped through a telephone pole in front of the window.Novelty unicycles are able to hold the audience's eyeballs.After ten years in the circus industry, wang is making more money than before, and his poor family life has improved a lot.His mother's illness, however, brought him back to poverty."Mother has lung cancer.At that time, I had just built a house, and when I had saved the only 50, 000 yuan, I had no money left.Wang said that despite the efforts, the mother eventually died.With his grief, the penniless wang took the 100 yuan borrowed from his father and set off on the road again."Although my own unicycle performed well, the audience didn't buy it."Wang said that most of the wheelbarrow performances were similar, and the competition was fierce and how to attract the audience's attention was the problem he had to face.After careful analysis, he decided to innovate in form.Having this idea, he performed during the day, and in the evening, he went to the local lathe master to communicate and transform his own car.After six months of hard work, a wheelbarrow without a dollar coin has finally been made.The small unicycle is a show, immediately let the scene audience refreshingly, and won the bursts of applause.With the innovation of the sweet head, wang led the transformation of the wheelbarrow pattern also gradually increased.He invented the world's only three-meter high flash electric wheelbarrow based on the principle of pulleys, and he was able to hold the audience's appetite.Then came the thrillingly straight three-wheeled unicycle.The most dazzling unicycle appeared on CCTV.By virtue of the novel unicycle performance, wang has become more and more famous in the circle.In 2014, wang received a call from qilu TV's good luck to the program, inviting him to perform.In the television broadcast hall, wang led the wheelbarrow performance of the performance of the audience, which left a deep impression on the audience.Subsequently, wang led in jiangsu TV station, hebei TV and other times.At the end of December 2014, he was on the CCTV stage.In "100 seconds of gold," his acrobatic show, "the most amazing wheelbarrow," impressed the audience.Before the Spring Festival this year, wang took part in CCTV's "beautiful country happy line", which showed the new image of the giant farmer.Wang Ling tells a reporter, he has successively received the CCTV "brilliant Chinese" "China guinness night", at the invitation of the energy will be used on own lightning unicycle."I will continue to innovate the content of my performance, and try to keep my name in the guinness book of records and add light to my hometown.""Wang said confidently."I don't think that acrobatics is very complicated, and if you like this business, and you go through it, you will succeed."Wang Ling said he prepared to set up their own next acrobatics team, some peasant boy like him, can participate in, he will teach them with your hands in mine, let they don't like his many detours.