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Home News Learn the self-sharing process of a unicycle.

Learn the self-sharing process of a unicycle.

Last summer with a Ninebot unicycle, released at the unicycle began when I was very want to one day can on the symbol of the future of transportation to and from work, and not to pack to force, only to experience the future science and technology, keep the curiosity of the life.The Ninebot should be a unicycle with high performance and high cost performance in China.It took me two weeks to buy it, and I took a lot of detour, sharing the process of learning the wheelbarrow to encourage more fans to join the wheelbarrow.;)Practice 360-degree rotation.After buying a unicycle, do not practice direct step on it, first practice the circle 360 degrees.What kind of position? vertical stand, his left foot on right foot pedal on a unicycle, left right foot pressure unicycle, two feet Angle of 30 degrees toes slightly towards the left, right foot pressure unicycle, don't let run right unicycle don't stay stuck his right and counterclockwise to do circular motion, slowly, not fastThe purpose of this is: beginners can easily for unicycle is out of control, through the way of practice circle found stuck unicycle feeling, wheelbarrow, one of the most dangerous is not hurt themselves, but after the runaway hit others, because once you ready to jump out of control, and but unicycle heavy is easy to bump into other people's legs or local tyrantsIt helps to bend and stop at the back.Practice in a wide area.Practice in a wide area, practice in a wide area, practice in a wide area, and say important things three times.This is the most important, wheelbarrow, learning that don't have no other law, I spent two weeks to learn because ten days is indoors in front of the practice (carpets and wall damage the company), all learn can't, once went to a spacious place day learns to downstairs.Best venue is a place like a basketball court, because can't beginners get in the car and turning control, the more spacious place for beginners the less fear of disturbance in the heart, the more narrow place to the player's interference, the greater the always worry what hit or injured, the player once afraid didn't have the mood on the balance, once lost, psychological balance unicycle is hard to learn.Therefore, before learning skills, please practice in a wide area, which is the most important!Relax and relaxLearning unicycle is most important is need people to relax, relax the body to feel balance, actually everyone playing unicycle, born just psychological too nervous or too stiff, reduce the learning speed.Because of tension and muscle stiffness, the beginner starts with a stiff body, and comes down in the morning with a blue neck, a sore neck, and a lot of perspiration.Tips for relaxing your body:Take three deep breaths before you get on the bus, which is an exaggerated deep breath that can help relieve tension and stiffness.
 don't be afraid of fall, because the unicycle pedal is very low, once out of control firmly trip don't be afraid to fall down, unless the borrow someone else's car to practice, practice unicycle is impossible not to fall down, you can stick a hockey tape or like that kind of old wind restoring ancient ways, if you don't fall off a car is impossible to learn the unicycle, as long as don't hit other people and local tyrants car is okforwardAdvanced learning skills: vertical stand, his left foot right foot on the pedal jammed unicycle, two feet in 30 degrees left standing in front of his right foot, half a foot to the back of the left pedal on steps to prepare, many beginners left foot standing behind his right foot, left foot pedal unicycle when a run just to keep up with his left foot, and get on the car's easy to lose balance, lead to go up and then immediately out of balance a slight push with his left foot, and then put his left foot gently on the pedal to the left, don't too hard, when the left pedal to prevent car fell out of balance, immediately after also don't force a little all need not, because of the unicycle get on later need a starting speed, like a bicycle, has certain starting speed is easy to keep balance, many beginners is easy to forget that, just get in the car do not push, lead to get on the car later is standing straight, but there is no startup unicycle, soon fell off after get on the bus, the first thing is to see the front, to relax the whole body, not thinking about how to walk far, to maintain good balance and see how long can adhere to get off first, balancing method is very simple, first is to relax, the second is to stand straight, as far as possible if you don't go to turn on both sides of the car is out of control force to hang around, because this time you don't also master the skill of bend, if control is directly out of the car, contact again to start and maintain a balance, until you skilled balance considering bend, no balance curve would be less and more discomposure, and the mind is a vicious cycle will continue the imbalancesIf there is no speed, natural light point can be obtained the forward speed, don't do anything substantial forward, because that would lead to unicycle too fast, once a unicycle too fast will the brakes, then people will sling out of inertia.How to keep the natural forward, very simple, forward thinking of the matter in your heart, then body conditioning forward dynamics are perfect, the body strong forward because the amplitude too much lead to too fastBefore making a more practice get in the car and keep balance, don't use any traction rope, because depend on traction rope will only make people how to pull him when imbalances, your all mind should be placed on the body to balance, rather than using traction rope to keep.The auxiliary wheel is also not used, the auxiliary wheel will only let you never learn balance.And began to get on the car after facing emergency overactive, all the size of the mild, once completely out of control, jumps off, if not sensitive balance, the most began to consider his arms open, with leverage about balance, I'll be with open arms after skilled.Slow down and stop
This slowdown is simple stand straight body, quickly stop is to lean back, if bad by the school for Japanese robots, the kind of knees bent flexed knee squat down, as long as you are the center of gravity of the car will be back to slow down and stop.How to turnLearning skills: before you turn to your desired direction at once, when you look, the body will automatically make a corresponding adjustment to help keep the balance when you at the corner two feet cycle hard line, such as you want to turn left, left foot force, his right foot to relax, don't be too exaggerated when bend from the waist part of the back of the above, the aim is to help you reduce the entry speed, avoid turn too fast out of balanceThe rest is more practice, first practice the radius of the big bend, and finally contact the small bend, must pay attention to turn the body back, avoid high speed turning.Adjust the position of the foot.Get in the car, when the foot easy to wrong, such as the left foot too high or too, in fact all of these will not affect the body balance, just stand in the not too comfortable, if wrong foot position, suggestion out of the car get in the car again, and so on skilled, can practice first slide one foot, right foot slide one leg skilled later to adjust the left in the car, his left foot slightly raised, colleagues body left the right trend of offset leave his left foot, fast adjustment left foot position back in balance.Actual combat on the road
Once can cross good balance and bend can consider to hit the road, the road around a spacious place to practice at least three days before again, because only learn to skilled degree is not enough to offset the emergency caused by psychological panic.Here is my experience on the road: when walking on the road, at least half a meter to the right of space, because sometimes the left car after or the horn frighten you, you should have enough space to fine tune, if the right space is too small, if you panic or emergency, the car is very easy to brush to the right of subgrade, once encounter subgrade is more easy to fall off the risk of been knocked down by a car on the left, so when go on the road to pay attention to this (because I had done this dangerous thing) all eyes, crossroads must slow down or stop, once has the red light car is very dangerous, because the unicycle from your reaction to stop need at least 2 seconds, it has no brakes, once the collision is super scary (ok now and I haven't to try risks) most afraid of is the back of the car on the road, a lot of car first saw the unicycle at his right hand shakes, the driver is also afraid to hit you, he will be blew his horn to warn you that he will pass away, beginners generally hear later will be more afraid of, don't know what kind of car, the car behind is afraid suggestion to buy a bicycle helmet and rearview mirror (with rod and Velcro), stick the rear-view mirror inside the helmet on the left, the car just like Google Glass at the left, the role of the rear view mirror is still very big, it can help you see clear left behind, keep your mental stability, once the skilled, actually don't need that kind of thing, because the first car must have been afraid to hit you or from you brush past, relative to you, the driver more afraid of you, he is sure to keep straight, so you just keep straight don't suddenly to the left lane change didn't have a lot of danger, you think of themselves as tools like bike;) it won't be so afraid of met deceleration zone, can don't go around from the side, if you want to ride from above in the past, will be sure to slow down to the lowest in the past, fast speed in the past can lead to a unicycle turbulence flying, wheelbarrow, once off the ground his speed will reach the maximum, landing stall fall easily from sidewalk down to the ground, not more than 10 cm of height can be directly, more than 10 cm not adventure, danger too easily fall out if you have more than 30 degrees slope, try walking slash, because slash increases uphill slope length, reduce upslope Angle (see don't understand this one back for junior middle school mathematics)Matters needing attention don't hug her in the car to play, Eva forward will lead to the center of gravity, the unicycle will think too fast, you will suddenly make it, then your baby and you will be thrown out together, and then her head will directly hit the ground, then the bleeding risk in hospital (why do I know?Because my baby has been so fallen to the hospital for half a month, so my parents don't want to hold the baby, or regret it too late. don't trust unicycle waterproof, I in every apart, circuit board are bare outside, did not make any waterproof processing, do not use water to flush the unicycle directly or use it as a submarine, it really just power threw you a dog chew gum should be full of electricity to run, because the lower the power unicycle allows the highest speed is smaller, it is easy to push back you since I have been in your speeding, cause you to ride your feet very uncomfortable once learned later, most people will because too fast cycling has been in the process of acceleration and deceleration, not just the speed will be affected, and will make feet feel ill, I feel our heart is sing a song inside your favorite song, the rhythm of the song make you inner peace and calm once you ride a bike speed at a constant speed will be in a very easy and efficient to process (cry can sing it directly) take playing unicycle gloves, such as I eat their hands career (programmers), breaks the knee is small, breaks the guy is not worth eating