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Home News "The oldest rider of the wheelbarrow marathon" for a lifetime.

"The oldest rider of the wheelbarrow marathon" for a lifetime.

It feels so good to set the world record every day.Am I the world's oldest cyclist?1. Who is the world's oldest wheelbarrow rider?I have been concerned about this problem since I first learned to ride a unicycle and often search the Internet for answers to this question.There is no official record of "the world's oldest rider".In my blog post, I said:"According to the report, the oldest record of cycling at home and abroad is 85 and 94 years old, and the record is set to refresh at any time."About foreign unicycle-riding, in fact, the oldest records, for many years on the Internet can find only a few items on some BBS discussion, most are vague, only a message is clear, at the age of 92.As for the domestic record, it is my own speculation;Some of the reports that have been found, in fact, are well below 85."The oldest world record on a wheelbarrow is 92." this message has been a huge inspiration and spur to me since I first learned to ride a unicycle.I can ride a unicycle at age 92. It's not too late for me to learn to ride a unicycle, and I can ride for many years.In my blog post, I said:I have a dream, which is to try to break these records.I am determined to ride every day and keep on going for as long as possible, and strive to achieve my dream eventually. 
I will make unremitting efforts to be the world's oldest wheelbarrow rider in a few years.2. The experience of riding a unicycle:In 2001, with the beginning of the new century, I decided to learn to ride a unicycle, a childhood dream.I guess riding a unicycle should be a fitness program that helps people of all ages stay young.I spent about half a month (half an hour) and basically realized my plan to learn how to ride a unicycle by the time I was 56.Since I learned to ride the unicycle for 16 years, no matter in the spring, summer, autumn and winter, I will bike half an hour to an hour every day, and I will ride five kilometers to 10 kilometers.Both the 5km and 10km rides are the marathon competition regulations of the unicycle.  I work at wuhan biologics research institute before I retire.I get to work half an hour early every day (to avoid the rush hour), and then sit in an outdoor terrace on the roof of the office or in an outdoor corridor for half an hour's wheelbarrow.I live in the center for disease control in hubei province.The large hospital area is relatively large, and there is no gap between the office area and the dormitory area.The terrain is slightly undulating, and there are fewer vehicles and pedestrians on the wider aisles. It is suitable for the racing of the unicycle.Before I retire, I will ride a wheelbarrow for half an hour every day at work, and I will ride home for half an hour in the yard every day after work.There was no slope in the yard that I could not go to.I have been fond of sports since I was a child, and I advocate the Olympic spirit of being positive and progressive.I'm particularly keen on endurance sports, and for decades I've been involved in triathlons, long distance swimming, cycling, and long-distance running.In college, I studied in Beijing university swimming team accept system swimming training (including winter swimming), physical quality laid a good foundation, especially cardiopulmonary function can keep for a long time in good condition.I have crossed the Yangtze river more than ten times and have been training in triathlons in San Diego, California, the world's first triathlon sport.Accustomed to nature, riding a unicycle has become an indispensable part of my daily life.For more than three years after my retirement, although I was 70 years old, I continued to ride the unicycle every day, which was of great benefit to my physical and mental health.In addition, I often run long distances and swim long distances (more than three kilometers) to maintain a larger amount of exercise every day.I am not only full of expectations, but also quite optimistic, after years of being the world's oldest wheelbarrow.3. I may already be the world's oldest "wheelbarrow marathon rider".Recently, a report was found:The maximum age of 70 is 8 years old(2016-06-05) in Malaysia first unicycle marathon early this morning at eight on town hall stadium firing ride, attracting nearly 200 unicycle fans from both at home and abroad, including the maximum is 70 years old, the youngest only 8 years old.The schedule is 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers respectively.Game this age is the largest player in the 70 - year - old Huang Si, he said, the older the more difficulty learning unicycle, so can't find the same age with friends ride a unicycle, because many people are afraid of fall injury, will soon give up learning.There's no further information about "the world's oldest wheelbarrow marathon rider".I am 72 years old this year.Before more information is available, I am already the world's oldest cyclist, judging by the above information.If that's the case, then every day, my age will increase by one day.If I can still ride a wheelbarrow marathon every day (5km or 10km), I will be refreshing the world record for the oldest rider on the wheelbarrow.It's a pretty good feeling to be setting the world record every day.It's certainly better to refresh the world record every day.