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Home News Outdoor sports, walkers must be a wheelbarrow.

Outdoor sports, walkers must be a wheelbarrow.

1. Tire: 700C*45C (tire outer diameter 700 mm, width 45 mm) Taiwan construction large external fetus, jianda butyl inner tube.Rapid drainage anti-slip pattern.Good speed cycling.2. Fork: new flat shoulder manganese steel fork.High strength and shock absorption.Foot trample on top not slip.High grade electroplating or liquid baking paint on the surface of the fork (not the putty which is used in ordinary unicycle)3. Link: use the third generation bearing seat connection, and cooperate with the professional wheel hub with tolerance.High connection strength, not easy to damage.Easy to remove and easy to replace the bearing.4. Foot pedal: Taiwan VP565 aluminum alloy has ball - ball and BS reflective anti-sliding foot.Rotate flexibly and reflect at night.5. Seat card: the aluminum alloy can split the bundle quickly. No tools are needed to adjust the saddle height.6. Car ring: 700C Taiwan Ming high quality dual aluminum alloy grinding rim, light and durable.Surface black baking varnish.7. Seat tube: rolling with safety line, prevent sliding and prevent saddle rotation.External plastic bellows.The seat tube can be top to the tire, suitable for different height, without the purchase of high lever.Convenient collectionOr in the car.8. High quality saddle: saddle, rear and seat board are all made of PVC raw material (non-reraw material) saddle plastic, seat cover, seat cushion and dye in accordance with German PAH non-toxic, harmless and environmental protection standard.9. Screw: plated umbrella head with card bolt, plated nylon lining check nut. 10. The whole vehicle is basically installed, and the tire is fully inflated according to the international bicycle sales standard.Give away the $0.58 installation tool.11. The limit load of the vehicle is 150 kg.